Greatist Parcel Box review

I signed up for Greatist’s Parcel last week, which is a monthly subscription box filled to the brim of healthy, natural goodies.



Here’s a secret: I’m a subscription box junkie. I love them. Birchbox got me hooked, and since then, I’ve ordered quite a few. Right now I’m hooked on Birchbox and Nailette, and I’m definitely keeping Parcel on my monthly subscription box budget. I ordered it and it arrived within a week—something I wasn’t expecting! It usually takes a while to get a box. I received the January box (I ordered in January), which is exciting because my February box is on its way. This month’s theme was Renew. 


This is a healthy blog, so why not do a healthy subscription box review, right? I want to spread the word about Parcel because it’s awesome—I wish this was a paid endorsement, but it’s totally not. All opinions are my own.


Here’s what I got:


Smiles for the People toothbrush – We have Sonicare toothbrushes, so I don’t really use “manual” toothbrushes that often. However, it’s going in the gym bag or office drawer, because I can always use a spare toothbrush. For every toothbrush bought, they donate one to someone in need.


Yoga Anne Calm oil – I’ll admit, I didn’t try out the yoga routine that they sent me. I should, though!


Camelbak Mantra (Blueberry Pomegranate) – It’s described as a natural powder drink with antioxidants, vitamins, and electrolytes. It’s zero calories. Holy cow—I put this puppy in a 24oz. bottle and slurped in down in no time. To jazz up my water, I use (gasp) Crystal Light. It’s laden with artificial sweeteners, but it’s better than plastic-bottle taste. I’m trying to find Mantra in stores because it was awesome—it didn’t have the harsh, chemical taste of aspartame, and it was very refreshing and light. $5 is pretty steep for a box of eight packets (especially with the amount of water I drink in a day!), but I’d be willing to shell it out once in a while.



Kool’N Fit  – This spray is supposed to make it easier to warm up for a workout, and easier to continue and recover during and from a workout. I sprayed it on (the sample lasted for two workout) but didn’t notice too much of a difference. I worked out as normal, but wasn’t as sore the next day, so maybe it had something to do with the spray? Probably won’t be repurchasing. It did have a nice cooling, Menthol feel and smell, though.


Smarty Pants Vitamin Gummies – Holy bananas. I grudgingly shared one with B. These have the chewy, gummy consistency of your typical fruit snack, but they taste twenty times better. AND they have vitamins and nutrients. It’s $17 for a bottle and I think that’s an investment I’m going to have to make.



Fig Bar (Raspberry)  – I freaking love these. They’re like a Fig Newton, but ten times better.

Bulumu granola – This was awesome! I mixed it in my morning Greek yogurt for a little somethin’ somethin’ and tried some plain, too. Delicious. 



Hemp Hearts – I’m obsessed with these. I had to stretch my sample out as long as I could—on oatmeal, on yogurt, by itself…I’m definitely buying again. And probably again. They’re light but nutty, and kind of remind me of ground up pepitas.

Mug O’ Love Hot Cocoa – I made this with lactose-free milk, and holy moly—it’s delicious. Rich, warm, chocolatey…definitely could never have these sitting around the house, because I’d have to run way too much to make up for it. 


I have zero photography skills in dim lighting (read: none at all), so excuse the horrible iPhone quality.

Goddess Garden Organics Lavender Lotion – As far as organic lotions go (and goodness knows I’ve tried the gamut), this one was bad. It had a very thin consistency, and for someone with super dry skin (IE, me) it didn’t quite do it for me.

 Clean Well Disinfectant Wipes – Smelled like lemon citrus and wiped my desk down well! I love that it kills germs botanically.


RawJuvenate Super Greens powder and RawJuvenate Vegan Protein – Not going to lie, I’m a little bit scared to try the greens powder. I’ve had wheatgrass juice before and it made me want to curl up and cry. PTSD, maybe? Either way, it says you can mix it in a smoothie, which is going to be the route I take. I’m excited to try these!


Amala Facial Sample Pack – These were great! They use whole plant ingredients and are free of any harsh chemicals. They’re definitely upper-end facial products, and a little out of my price range. My face felt super clean afterward (but not in a stripped-of-everything way). It had a sample of the gel cleanser, gel moisturizer, and clay mask.


Pollen Ranch Fennel Pollen – The directions say to put it on pork, so we’ll be trying this next week. B is balking at the idea of putting pollen on food, so I’m going to sneak it on and not tell him. I like fennel, so I’m interested to see if the taste is similar. 

Country Life Stress Shield Nighttime – I took these after working a 10-hour shift, so I’m not sure if I passed out because I was tired or because these worked. Either way, I did feel well rested the next morning.



Runa Energy tea (Cinnamon Lemongrass) – I’m a diehard matcha drinker. I have it every morning instead of coffee. But this…this might have taken over my love of matcha. It was delicious, and definitely gave me the energy I needed at 2pm to get over the midday slump. It comes in several flavors. I went out bought a box immediately, and now B drinks it instead of coffee every morning.

Traditional Medicinal assorted teas – I can never have enough chamomile and sleepytime tea, so I was stoked to get this in my box. I’ve only had Throat Coat from this brand before, so we’ll see how their other tea stacks up!

In conclusion: I obviously got a TON of goodies in my box, and though it was difficult to find prices for everything (most of it was sample-sized), I feel that its worth definitely exceeded what I paid for it (Parcel is $20 a month). I highly recommend Parcel—and checking out the rest of Greatist, too!


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