Tired feet and sore saddleseat: couch to triathlon

I’ve never been one to balk in the face of a challenge—I love a good challenge. Why stop at something easy when I can go one step farther? 

This weekend, B and I decided that we want to train for—wait for it—a triathlon together. It’s in August. For someone who has never worked out for longer than a three-week streak in her life, this should be interesting. 

We went for a 2.25 (we’re easing into it, ok?) run on the Greenbelt this weekend. We’re both pretty awkward and like to compete, so we went opposite directions for 35 minutes and met back up. We’ll probably start running together like normal people in a few weeks, when we’re both comfortable with our fitness level and will be less likely to get in an argument over why we’re going so slow.

I went to the gym yesterday and did six miles on the stationery bike. What the hell makes a stationery bike so much more difficult than a real bike? Probably because I get bored and jack it up to an obscene level. Oh, and you’re not going anywhere. I swear, it’s worse than the dread-mill. Regardless, my butt is thoroughly sore this morning, and my quads protest every time I try to sit down or climb stairs. 

I also tried yoga for the first (well, second, if you count that one time I tried hot yoga and wanted to cry) time last week. There was a nice Groupon out for a ten class punchcard, so some girlfriends (and eventually B, who is totally cool hanging out with the girls) and I got it and went. It was—dare I say it—fun AND challenging! I struggled with my attention span, but it’s good to make me focus and ignore the other things on my to-do list. 

Also, I made some overnight steelcut oats this morning—they’re awesome. I wanted to incorporate as may superfoods as possible, and hot damn. Blueberries, dried Goji berries, chia seeds, and flax…who needs brown sugar?!


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