Want to become a faster runner?

I’m not at a point in the “running game” where I’m focused on time or personal records or distance. No, I’m focused on my breathing, my steps, and the fact that I can tell I can run farther each time I go out. A day will come for measuring these numbers, but that day isn’t terribly close. 

I’m housesitting right now, and the dogs I’m watching are crated while I’m at work. I come home at lunch to let them out, but they’re pretty wired when I get back. Last night, they wouldn’t fall asleep until 11. Now, I’m an old lady, and bedtime is 9:30—this was a problem when the alarm brutally woke us all up this morning. 

To remedy this, I thought I’d try something. Why not run with dogs, right? 

One is a Great Dane. Another is a Mastiff/Saint Bernard mix. The third is a Basset Hound who clocks in at about three miles per hour. 

I have the upper arm strength of a kitten, and the big boys weigh more than I do. Individually. So, I decided to take everyone out separately. 

I took Crozby, the Mastiff mix, out first. We ran for most of our mile, and he was tuckered out by the end. There was some excited tugging for a while, which definitely “increased” my speed. Does it count if you’re being dragged along? 

Atlas, the Great Dane, has legs the length of my own. That meant that my run was equal to his version of a trot. I tried some interval sprints, and about ate it when he decided to stop and smell something. No more sprints after that.

For my “cool down”, I saved Lucy, the Basset Hound, for last. It took us twenty minutes to walk a block because she walks so slow and smells everything.

After two and a half miles, though, it worked. They were all sleepy after about a half an hour, and I’m definitely going to do the same thing again tomorrow. It was freezing outside, literally below 30. I ended up wearing some running pants and my actual winter jacket to keep warm.


Sooo sleepy…yep, we all fit on a king size bed!

 In other news, did you know that Wholly Guacamole makes MINI guacamole packs?! I got the plain avocado kind, and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t eat it straight out of the container. No added salts, sugars, or preservatives!


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